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Systems Audit

Auditing Work Health and Safety Management Systems

Audits allow enterprises to identify weaknesses in their safety management processes and subsequently determine appropriate controls to establish an action plan for the continued improvement of their Work Health and Safety Management Systems (WHSMS).

Upon acceptance of an Audit proposal, an outline of the timetable for the audit is forwarded to the client, including a list of the types of documents required for the Adequacy Audit.

Audit Process

The auditing process involves conducting a desktop — 'Adequacy Audit' examining relevant existing WHS documentation, and interviews with random staff members and completing random inspections of the work site and current practices, — “Application Audit". The findings are then documented in a Audit Report.

The audits are aligned with AS/NZS:4801 and AS/NZS:4804.

Audit Methodology

Phase 1 — Adequacy Audit

The purpose of this phase will be to examine the existing Safety Management System to determine whether it meets the requirements of the ASNZS4801 and 4804. This will consist of a desktop audit and will require access to the Safety Management System documentation and personnel for interviews.

The five key elements include:

  1. Management commitment.
  2. Policy, plans and procedures for the management of Work Health and Safety.
  3. Consultation, the provision of Safety and Health Representatives, Safety Committees and other consultative processes.
  4. Hazard identification, risk assessment and control, the effectiveness of existing systems.
  5. Training plans and effectiveness of implementation.

Phase 2 — Application Audit

This phase of the audit examines the actual workplace practices including random interviews with personnel, in particular to:

Normally two days will be spent on site in order to gather the above information and interview appropriate personnel.

Audit Deliverables

At the completion of the Audit, Ringshaw Consulting provides recommendations and a draft 'Action Plan' for remedial actions within the enterprise.

This will provide the enterprise with established objectives for the development or improvement of its Workplace Health and Safety Management System.

A more detailed report of identified strengths and limitations, and a brief photographic record, will also supplement the recommendations and subsequent Action Plan.

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