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Managing Safety Requirements

The duty of care provisions in legislation are the starting point from which all other safety and health measures begin.

Ringshaw Consulting can explain and clarify the scope of the duties of care in the Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation to assist people at work to understand their responsibilities.

All parties in a workplace — Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), Workers and Contractors — have some responsibility for the safety and health of those at the workplace. The WHS Act does not define a 'business' or 'undertaking'. Whether a person conducts a business or undertaking is a question of fact to be determined in the circumstances of each case.

The following identifies the usual meaning of these terms:

The WHS Act states that a person conducts a business or undertaking whether it is conducted alone or together with others, and whether or not it is conducted for profit or gain.

The concept of 'work' is relevant to identifying what is a business or undertaking.

The duties of a PCBU are all associated with the carrying out of work. The definition of a ‘workplace’ is a place where work is carried out for a business or undertaking and includes any place where a worker goes, or is likely to be, while at work. The definition of a ‘worker’ is a person who carries out work in any capacity for a person conducting a business or undertaking.

The WHS Act also places duties on PCBUs who carry out the following activities associated with work or workplaces:

Better understanding of the legislation helps everyone in the workplace contribute towards achieving a safe and healthy workplace environment.

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Ringshaw Consulting also provides a full range of consulting and tailored training services relating to Work Health and Safety including WorkSafe Plan assessments, Risk Management, Integrated Safety Management Systems and meeting Duty of Care obligations.

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