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The WorkSafe Plan

Assessment of Work Health and Safety Management Systems

The WorkSafe Plan is an assessment process that is used to rate work health and safety management systems and to direct attention to areas that could be improved.

The WorkSafe Plan promotes management practices needed to establish and maintain working environments where employees are not exposed to hazards. Safe working environments, with safe workplaces, plant and systems of work are an important part of general duty provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (WA) 1984.

WorkSafe Plan Assessors play a crucial role in ensuring best practice in work health and safety in WA. These days, work health and safety is generally accepted as an important issue in both workplaces and the community. Over the past ten years work related injuries and diseases have been significantly reduced, but there is still room for a further reduction in injuries and lives lost.

The only way to eliminate workplace injuries and diseases is to make work health and safety an integral part of management practice, the The WorkSafe Plan (pdf 348kb) is a fundamental tool workplaces can use to achieve this aim.

Certificates of Achievement

Certificates are awarded for achievement in work health and safety management. A Platinum Certificate of Achievement is for organisations with exemplary standards in work health and safety management.

This high standard indicates best practice standards in a workplace.

To obtain a WorkSafe Plan Certificate of Achievement, each organisation must also show that their rates of work-related injury and disease are reducing or kept at low levels.

The Certificate of Achievement will remain valid for 3 years subject to annual written confirmation that the organisation continues to meet injury/disease rate criteria, in accordance with the WorkSafe Plan process.

The presentation of a WorkSafe Plan Certificate of Achievement does not mean that organisations are relieved of their responsibilities under work health and safety laws.

A Platinum or Gold Certificate acknowledges the organisation is demonstrating the commitment and management practices that work health and safety laws promote.

A Silver Certificate acknowledges substantial progress in the development of these practices.

WorkSafe Plan Assessment

Neil Ringshaw is an Accredited WorkSafe Plan Assessor — Assessor Number 049

Neil has audited a number of organisations including charitable organisations, mining companies, laboratories and private companies.

Upon completion of the audit Neil provides a comprehensive report outlining recommendations and offering strategies to assist in achieving the client's desired status.

Contact Neil to discuss your WorkSafe Plan Assessment.