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Interactive Learning Applications

Education is one of the core structural elements in communicating the results of an organisation's Safety Management Plan and is seen as part of a continuum that includes training, information, instruction and supervision.

E-Learning will not replace a trainer. However, properly designed e-learning courses are more than digital text books or instructional videos.

Interactive Learning Applications (ILA) combine different media formats and technologies taking advantage of each medium’s unique characteristics.

E-learning courses may run on the internet, corporate intranets, CD-ROM, DVD or even cell phones.

ILA may include sound, animated graphics and/or video if possible as these media have proven to be more memorable and thus enhances the learning effect.

Interactive Learning

Technology has changed the way we live, work, think and learn. Today we need to process more information in a shorter amount of time. New products and services are emerging with accelerating speed. As production cycles and life spans of products continue to shorten, information and training quickly become obsolete. Pro-active organisations feel the urgency to deliver knowledge and skills (to their workers) more rapidly and efficiently whenever and wherever needed.


An important part of planning an interactive learning application is deciding how to deliver it to your users. Perhaps more so than any other type of learning environment, an online application represents a merging of content, form and function.

When you compare interactive learning with traditional classroom training, interactive learning has many advantages.

The main advantage is cost savings over time.

Many organisations need to stretch funds while maintaining high-quality training programmes. The cost of developing, distributing and maintaining an interactive learning application is often much less than the cost of an facilitator-led training course. Online learning can help organisations get the most out of their budgets and can add valuable learning tools and techniques.

Another advantage to interactive learning is the ability to update any topic in your published content and deliver the results instantly over the Internet or an Intranet. Your learning material can be up-to-date without the expense of reprinting books, storing inventory or manually distributing updates.

Online courses can deliver an unlimited number of colourful graphics and special effects that direct the attention to the important points in the learning material.

Learners can interact with new material immediately, determining their own learning pace and be able to demonstrate mastery of the topic by answering questions as they progress through the material.

Interactive Learning Applications are only limited by your imagination. They may encompass:

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